The restaurants express the spirit of the chef, the spirit of the city, the country.

Alain Ducasse

For a long time, diners might remember a restaurant because of the food; the view; the atmosphere; or might be an unforgettable dining experience.   Not too often because of the chef. Because their names are never mentioned on the menu, or anywhere that diners can take notice. 

At, we want chefs and their creations to be the only focus, the only thing that we talk and share.

Chefs and their signature dishes! 

Meeting Chef Jason Martin 

Chef at Work

Meeting Chef Jason Martin 

Six String Brewing is proudly the NSW’s Central Coasts first homegrown craft brewery with our brewery and tasting room in Erina. We are all about great beer and great music, a combination which we think is the ultimate collaboration

Meeting Chef Chef Brett Deverall

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Business Development Specialist at FoodbyUs; a former chef, with over 16 years experience in serving the hospitality industry.

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