Plating made easy: feast with your eyes

Updated: Jan 5, 2018

Food plating is an art other than cooking. You may be a great cook but that doesn’t necessarily make you superb at presenting your food to your guests. It’s a technical art which needs you to have an ability to divide the space on your plate in mathematical aesthetic order. The basic elements of plating are discussed below:

Draw up and sketch the area where you want to present your food. Visualize the plate before serving on paper. Find any image or picture where you like the balance and use it as a point of reference to balance food portions on your plate. Harmony and balance are the keys to presenting food on the plate.

Use the space intelligently and create a focal point where the main dish should be placed. Don’t clutter the space as it distracts the attention from the main course. Similarly, use different elements of food in a way which also creates some breathing space on the plate. Don’t pile up the food.

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